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Diana Orgill

Professional Practitioner & Master Teacher

United Kingdom
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Hello I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself my name is Diana Orgill, based in Wood Green North London. I am a qualified Angelic practitioner and Teacher Master since 2011 and was trained by Jayn Lee-Miller. I have over 7 years of experience operating as an Angelic Reiki Practitioner. Before working professionally with the Angels, I had worked with them administering my personal-self-healing journey for over a decade. Currently, I am self-employed- freelancer. I have treated many clients in various settings, in health clinics, health centres and organisations, Health and Beauty Salons from combining my treatment with other Angelic modalities. I've privately treated many clients with Angelic Reiki with the following conditions.  Anxiety  Depression  Back Aches  Knee  Hip Pain  Pregnant Mothers  Womb conditions  Feeling stuck/blocked unable to move forward.  Relationship Issues  Severe Headaches  Shingles  Children eye infections  Stress Work/home-related issues  Trauma past lives issues  Cleansing Aura  Feeling as if in a Dark Cloud  Cleansing and Blessings a new home! I have delivered workshops and provided mini taster workshops about the awareness, benefits of Angelic Reiki. I offer the following treatments: Long-distance healing, regardless of where anybody lives within the UK or abroad. Provide face-to-face treatment via a private Clinic Home Visits to Women clients only. I only take on a minimum of 3 bookings. Clients that have ongoing long-term medical issues may request or require more than 3 treatments. I am passionate about being a service, a channel for the Heavenly Angelic Kingdom of Light. I am available to offer any advice guidance, mini Taster workshops about the awareness and benefit of Angelic Reiki. Please feel free to contact me to ask questions about Angelic Reik or the treatments.

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