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Jayn Lee-Miller

Professional Practitioner & Master Teacher

Harrow, Middlesex, London
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I was trained by Kevin and Christine Core in 2006 and have been teaching Angelic Reiki workshops regularly ever since. My depth of understanding and passion for this healing modality and way of life grows with every workshop I facilitate. I am delighted to be the custodian of this website and hope it encourages an expansion in the number of Professional Practitioners and Master Teachers in the UK. I was introduced to Angelic Reiki by being one of the first to work professionally with the Angelic Realms as an Angel Healing Practitioner. I run the Academy of Angelic Healing in Harrow, Middlesex, London. I teach all four workshops in addition to the 10 Day Full System workshop, Wisdom of Metatron and Angelic Reiki Updates and Shares. I will travel anywhere to teach Angelic Reiki and regularly run Retreat Holidays abroad in the Azores, Tenerife, Malta and Menorca.

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The Official Angelic Reiki as channelled by Archangel Metatron through Kevin Core and Co-Founded by Kevin and Christine Core through The Foundation of Cosmic Fire 2003.

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